Winter Grass Kill, Be prepared this Spring!



Winter Advisory! How Winterkill Affects Cool & Warm Season Turf

Predicting winterkill is a difficult task because there are a variety of ways it can cause damage to turf grass. No matter the region, winterkill has the ability to attack both cool and warm season grass! Although winterkill can affect both cool and warm season grasses, damage may not be the same. Throughout this article, turf managers will learn what to expect if winterkill happens in regions where as well as what they can do to help cultivate turf that can sustain the harsh conditions of cooler weather.

What is Winterkill?
Winterkill is an all-inclusive term that is used to describe the various causes of turf loss over the cool winter months. Winterkill can happen due to a combination of factors including: low temperature kill, ice sheets, desiccation, crown hydration, and snow mold.

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