Green Ridge Landscaping, Inc. continues to participate in the PA Department of General Service’s COSTARS™ network. The COSTARS™ network leverages the purchasing power of the state of PA and over 8150 members (consisting of local government, public authorities, and non-profit educational and health entities, as well as fire and rescue companies) to generate competitive pricing while eliminating the need for the public bidding process. With its comprehensive choice of products and pricing, you can purchase from us with confidence. All our landscaping, athletic field and snow removal services are available for purchase thru our COSTARS™ 29-024 Contract, Grounds Keeping Services and Supplies thru the Commonwealth of PA, plus many ancillary services that may be required at your facility. We are a Certified Small Business (#364326-2015-SB) as well as PA Pesticide Application Category 23 Licensed supplier allowing us to legally service all parks and schools in the Commonwealth of PA.

What are the benefits of using a COSTARS™ supplier?

  • DOLLAR SAVINGS—Volume purchasing may result in lower prices; using established state contracts eliminates the need for specification development; advertising, printing, mailing, and bid evaluation.
  • CONVENIENCE—Using state contracts facilitates the purchase of goods and services by simply issuing a purchase order to the state contract supplier of record, no need for a lengthy bidding process.
  • FLEXIBILITY AND VARIETY—A broad selection of commodities and suppliers is offered to our more than 8,000 program members. More than 200 state contracts are currently available for use by participants. This variety often gives local public agencies the option of keeping their procurement dollars in their local economy, thereby helping to maintain and generate jobs and advancing local economic development.