Seasonal Decorations

Ovals-commercial-decorations Many commercial properties look for ways to make their property more appealing than the next in order to attract and retain tenants and customers. Seasonal banners and decorations will add that appeal to your property and Green Ridge Landscaping, Inc will design and install them to fit your budget.

Green Ridge Landscaping, Inc can enhance your property with seasonal banners and decorations. Pole mount banners are the perfect way to add color to a parking lot with limited landscapes and announce the arrival of spring, summer and fall. Seasonal decorations not only bring added seasonal color to your property but also promote upcoming events or holidays.

Green Ridge Landscaping, Inc offers complete design, installation, removal and storage of banners, lit and unlit pole mount displays, bows, wreaths, trees and perimeter lighting. Today’s eco-friendly LED lights are long lasting, energy efficient and virtually maintenance-free at a reasonable price.