Ovals-residential-landscaping Keeping the outside of your home looking great all season long takes a lot of time and effort. Sure you could do it yourself, but with your busy and active lifestyle, why spend so much of your time doing it when the professionals at Green Ridge Landscaping, Inc. can do it for you? Not only do you benefit by freeing up your time by using our services, but some other benefits are that a proper and well maintained landscape adds 15% to a home’s value according to buyers. The more your home is worth, the more equity it will have. A recent Gallop Survey reported 62% of all US homeowners felt investment in lawns and landscaping were as good or better than other home improvements. The investment recovery rate is actually 100 – 200% of the installation cost for the landscape improvement.

Green Ridge Landscaping, Inc. can help create the curb appeal you need or backyard paradise you want to escape today’s hectic world. From concept to completion, our designers work with you to create a landscape that suites your needs and lifestyle. A well designed landscape should include layers, leaf colors and textures, different bloom times, fall foliage colors and other elements to give it season long interest. All of our designs are drawn to scale using a landscape specific, computer aided design program. Your professionally designed landscape project will be balanced and is well planned so there will be no need to remove plantings as they grow, which could save you hundreds of dollars.