Lawn Care

Ovals-residential-lawncare Beautiful, manicured lawns have become extremely popular in the past century, and Green Ridge Landscaping, Inc has the know-how and expertise to make your yard stand-out above the rest. Lawn areas around a home not only create a cool area for children to play in, it also helps the environment. A Gallup Survey of American homeowners showed that more than one in three surveyed named a safe, high-quality area for children as the most important benefit of a lawn.

Green Ridge Landscaping, Inc is able to make your lawn beautiful while keeping both the environment and your family safe. We offer organic and non-organic fertilizer programs to meet your every need. Let Green Ridge Landscaping, Inc help to create a beautiful lawn for you, as well as creating a safe place for your family to relax.

At Green Ridge Landscaping, Inc, our licensed, trained specialists will work with you to create a program of fertilization and weed control that is specific for your lawn’s needs. Our typical lawn care programs include:

Early Spring Fertilization with Pre-emergence: (March/April)
Fertilizer will help promotes spring green up and recovery of turf grasses from winter stress. Pre-emergence crabgrass control is applied to reduce unsightly summer crabgrass.

Late Spring Fertilization with Broadleaf Weed Control: (April/May)
Fertilizer to meet your lawn’s extra nutrient requirement during an actively growing time period and to help build strong deep roots. Post-emergence broadleaf weed control will kill dandelions and other major lawn weeds.

Early Summer Fertilization w/ Iron: (June/July)
A balanced fertilizer with iron to feed and strengthen your lawn against heat and drought and help maintain color and density during the stress of summer weather.

Late Summer Fertilization with Broadleaf Weed Control: (September/October)
Fertilizer to help thicken your lawn and build strong deep roots. Post-emergence broadleaf weed control will kill summer other major lawn weeds.

Fall Fertilization: (November)
Fertilizer to help protect your lawn for winter and strengthens for greener, stronger lawn next year.

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