Ovals-residential-lighting You have spent time and money on your landscape, so why only enjoy it during the day. Don’t let the darkness hide your landscaping. Green Ridge Landscaping, Inc. can design and install a low volt landscape lighting system that will enhance your home at night. Landscapes can emerge at night and your home will become a thing of beauty when professionally designed and illuminated. Outside accent lighting not only can prolong your outdoor enjoyment, but it provides safety and security as well.

Green Ridge Landscaping, Inc. uses only quality transformers, fixtures and low volt cable for your installation. The advantages of our low volt (12v) lighting systems are that it is very safe in damp and wet locations as opposed to line voltage (120v) lighting. Line voltage lighting can create dangerous shock hazards. Line voltage requires conduit, larger fixtures and more disturbance to the surrounding area. Low volt lighting does not require conduit and the fixtures are much smaller and blend in easier to the surrounding landscape. Low voltage bulbs come in various wattages and precise beam spreads to create beautiful lighting effects. Low voltage lighting only costs pennies a day where line voltage lighting is very expensive to run. Call Green Ridge Landscaping, Inc. today to professionally design and install your landscape lighting system.