Landscape Maintenance

Keeping your ornamental beds, shrubs and trees looking good every day of the year takes time. Properly pruned trees and shrubs will promote future growth, help shape the plant and provide a stronger root system to support those plants during stressful seasons. Our trained technicians will prune your shrubs after they flower, but before the new growth hardens. This will provide the least stress on the plant immediately following pruning.
Mulching prevents soil erosion and permits water to seep slowly beneath the protective covering to the roots of your plants. Not only do mulches keep the soil cool and moist, but they also keep the mowers and trimmers from damaging young bark and killing trees. For best results, remove existing weeds and turf grass prior to applying the mulch directly on the soil. Keep the mulch 2 to 3 inches from the base of plants. Mulch should be turned or aerated during the season to maintain its permeability and continued decomposition. Due to decomposition, you may need to top dress with a thin layer of new mulch each year.

Turf Mowing

Proper mowing is critical for keeping your lawn healthy and looking good. Many people believe that anybody can cut grass, but here at Green Ridge Landscaping we like to believe we are a cut above the rest. Our staff of experienced lawn equipment operators take the time to make every lawn, athletic field and open space looks its best. We keep a strict schedule so you know what day and even what time your facility will be serviced each week. Because we are a full-time landscape company, we do not mow late in the evenings or on the weekend, interfering with the use of your property.

Turf Maintenance & Aeration

Green Ridge Landscaping Inc believes that a comprehensive turf treatment programs, seeding and aeration are the most important practices for creating healthy turfgrass. Techniques such as aeration helps control thatch, improves the soil, helps create growth pockets for new roots, and opens the way for water and fertilizer to reach the root zone of your lawn. Timely seeding and new turfgrass can reduce chemical dependency for future weed control and ultimately reduce maintenance and water usage. Healthy turfgrass can also prevent erosion by wind and water, improve flood control, help the breakdown of organic chemicals, reduce noise, provide wildlife habitat, create a cooling effect during warm weather, add visual appeal and decrease carbon released into the atmosphere up to 59%.

Athletic Field Maintenance

Very often the difference between good fields and great fields is not spending more time on maintenance but getting the most benefit of the time you spend. The techniques utilized by Green Ridge Landscaping Inc help maximize your efforts, not only in achieving immediate results, but also by avoiding the problems that can creep up over the course of a season. We see many of the things you can be done to avoid damage to fields and determine playability, along with many of the “dos” and “don’ts” of proper field maintenance. If you are serious about providing well-groomed athletic fields, Green Ridge Landscaping Inc may be most important tool in your toolbox and one you will use again and again. We offer recurring services that include layout, line painting, raking, dragging, and chalking as well as complete renovation to ensure your playing surfaces perform their best.

Snow Removal

One of the many certainties of life is that each winter, snow and ice removal service is necessary. Many have tried to self-perform and found they were either under-staffed or did not have the necessary equipment. Some have tried less experienced companies and have experienced on going issues during the winter season.

At Green Ridge Landscaping, Inc. our management team has over 50 years of combined experience with commercial property maintenance dealing with snow and ice removal. We have the snow removal equipment, de-icing equipment, the experienced, trained staff, and the materials resources to handle any event that might occur during the winter. We maintain a staffed main office 24/7 during any event from start to finish. Should you need to call us, you will speak with a knowledgeable professional who can answer your questions at that time. They will give you realistic expectations on how and when you will be serviced during any winter event. You can count on Green Ridge Landscaping for prompt, efficient snow removal and de-icing services. We provide the owners with a one-call solution to handle all their snow plowing, removal & salting needs.